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Coral Restoration & Protection
Coral Restoration & Protection
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Coral is a major keystone species that play an important role in maintaining the ocean’s biodiversity and ability to act as a carbon sink.

Join this group that discusses coral protection and restoration solutions.

Michelle Martin
Head of Marketing & Partnerships at Grounded
ICYMI, here is the link to check out our recent coral panel!
Sara McGuire
Marketing Coordinator
Have you heard of Biorock Indonesia? This amazing organization led by solutionist, Prawita Tasya Karissa, are doing incredible work protecting and restoring coral reefs. Check them out here:
Jessica Driver
Communications Manager at Grounded
Did you know that there are individual actions that you can take to protect coral reefs?

✔️ Vote for leaders who are working to improve climate policy and transition to clean, renewable energy.
✔️ Use reef friendly sunscreen and seek shade so you don’t have to use as much sunscreen.
✔️ Practice safe boating. (Don’t anchor in reefs or sea grasses. Anchor in sand instead.)
✔️ Reduce individual carbon footprint to help limit global temperature rise.
✔️ Donate to Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution to support research on marine environments.
✔️ Volunteer for ocean cleanups at your local beach/watershed and in your community. The Surfrider Foundation is one group who organizes local cleanups!
✔️ Reduce your plastic use and cut down on your waste. Plastic Free Mermaid has practical tips for reducing your plastic waste.

👆 Check out the Climate Academy to learn more!

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David Markowitz
Climate Solutions Manager at Grounded
In case you missed our virtual panel last week, here are some questions asked by the audience during the Q&A session. 1. How can Indigenous knowledge and science complement each other in the coral restoration and conservation conversation? 2. Should efforts be focused on the coral species that are more resilient to upcoming climate change behavior or just in all reef builder species? 3. Do you concentrate efforts on coral species that have better survivorship for restoration? 4. Should we focus on ex situ or in situ coral nurseries for restoration purpose? 5. Should we put efforts into restoring an area where the coral died 40 years ago due to natural sedimentation processes? 6. How do you see the NFT world helping to raise funds for restoration projects? 7. How can every day citizens take action to ensure coral reefs are protected and restored in the coming decades? 8. How do you believe the government should play a role in addressing coral ecosystem decline? Are there examples of where these efforts have been successful? 9. What sort of policy instruments can be used in tandem with community-based restoration projects to ensure reef's around for a long time into the future? 10. Do you think nature is our best teacher for climate solutions? 11. How do you negotiate the ethics of tackling a problem driven by global capitalism with market-based solutions? 12. Does the creation story where all began with the coral polyp have a name? And do you know if... (More)