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Welcome to the Grounded community! We're glad you're here :) 

Not sure where to get started? In this group you can find some helpful tips and tricks for navigating our online community. Have more Q's on where to find what? Leave us a post here and tag the topic Getting Started  so our team can point you in the right direction.

Getting Started

📍 Where to Post?

Below you'll find more information about each of the groups in Grounded's online community. More groups will be added periodically (Let us know if you have an idea for a new group). Feel free to post relevant content in any of the groups below: 

Start Here: Learn how to navigate and participate in Grounded's online community.

Introduce Yourself: Say hello to the community and meet other members. This is a great place to share about your work and to learn more about the work of your fellow climate solutionists.

Announcements: Post here about upcoming events, publications or important news. This is also where the Grounded team will share more about upcoming summits, events and updates.

Permafrost: This is the first of our monthly Solution's Spotlight groups. Each month Grounded will host a Climate Solutions panel centered on a theme. The first panel will focus on permafrost. This group is a great place to share your expertise, post resources, ask questions and join the conversation about permafrost solutions.

General: This topic if for general discussions (that fall outside of the categories above) . Anything can be posted on this board as long as it is in alignment with our community guidelines. This is a great place to post questions, suggestions or start new conversations.

Jump in and make this community your own!




Welcome! This community is a space to discuss climate solutions, share ideas, ask questions, meet like-minded people, collaborate and support each other to take meaningful action.

We want to ensure that this community remains a space that is positive, forward-thinking, and supportive, and where everyone feels like they can learn and connect with others in a safe online environment.


Our mission is to amplify climate solutions that ensure a livable planet.

Our purpose Is to inform, inspire and empower our global community to take immediate action to address the climate crisis by 2030.

Our vision is to be the trusted climate solutions platform that convenes a global ecosystem of climate change solutionists, scientists, innovators, policy makers, investors, executives and front-line organizations. By amplifying vital climate solutions that harness nature and human ingenuity, we will demonstrate how the climate crisis can, and needs to be, reversed by 2030.


  • Solutions-Oriented: We choose to take an optimistic, solutions-oriented approach to addressing our planet’s most pressing climate issues. While there are not always existing solutions, we choose to amplify the work and voices of scientists and experts who are attempting to address these issues. Rather than focusing on problems, we consciously center solutions.
  • Positive: We choose to cultivate positivity in our interactions with each other, creating a space where people come to feel uplifted and inspired.
  • Respectful: We choose to be kind and respect one another. It is ok to have a difference of opinion; in fact, we often benefit from... (More)