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Introduce Yourself
Introduce Yourself
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Welcome to the Grounded community πŸ‘‹ We'd love to hear more about you.

  • Share who you are and what you do
  • Tell us where you're based
  • Add anything else you'd like to share

This page will show you who else is here in the Grounded community, so feel free to scroll through other introductions, give them a like and a follow, and say hello!Β 

All Members
Jessica Driver
Administrative Assistant at Grounded
David Markowitz
Climate Solutions Manager at Grounded
Smitha Nagrath
Vice President
Camila Vega
Mentor Community Manager, Sustainable Ocean Alliance
Abby Volkmann
Climate Solutions Manager at Grounded
Michelle Martin
Head of Marketing & Partnerships at Grounded
Jenny Juhl
Head of Operations at Grounded
Sara McGuire
Marketing Coordinator