Did you know that there are individual actions that you can take to protect coral reefs?

✔️ Vote for leaders who are working to improve climate policy and transition to clean, renewable energy.
✔️ Use reef friendly sunscreen and seek shade so you don’t have to use as much sunscreen.
✔️ Practice safe boating. (Don’t anchor in reefs or sea grasses. Anchor in sand instead.)
✔️ Reduce individual carbon footprint to help limit global temperature rise.
✔️ Donate to Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution to support research on marine environments.
✔️ Volunteer for ocean cleanups at your local beach/watershed and in your community. The Surfrider Foundation is one group who organizes local cleanups!
✔️ Reduce your plastic use and cut down on your waste. Plastic Free Mermaid has practical tips for reducing your plastic waste.

👆 Check out the Climate Academy to learn more! https://bit.ly/3JxMsGn

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