So happy to see such a great representation of female climate leaders in this group! It's a pleasure to be here with all of you. A big thank you to the Grounded community for this initiative and for including me here :)

My name is Camila Vega, originally from Bogota Colombia now residing in Santa Cruz, California. I've always been in love and enthralled by nature. Now I'm on a journey to figure out how to use my skills to help preserve and protect our future. As a California resident and global citizen, I feel a deep responsibility to take action and help protect this natural beauty that we are borrowing from our future generations. (Big fan of All We Can Save by Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson :)

Currently, I'm working with the Sustainable Ocean Alliance to help develop young ocean leaders and amplify and grow market-based climate solutions. I know we can make a difference if we work together and I'm always excited to collaborate. Please feel free to connect here or get in touch via email: camila@soalliance.org