We need your feedback on our Global Blue New Deal!

Sustainable Ocean Alliance's Youth Policy Advisory Council’s Global Blue New Deal is an inclusive ocean policy agenda crowd-sourced from youth and subject matter experts, and we want YOUR input! 🌎

We're actively seeking opinions and feedback from youth, scientists, policymakers, and other ocean organizations and stakeholders to holistically understand what needs to be included in our vision for a healthy ocean and a just future. We know our community's expertise will be truly valuable to making this a strong and impactful document.

You can find the full document and feedback form here(https://tinyurl.com/f3hm68t5) along with a message from our Youth Policy Advisory Council. Whether you have opinions on specific sections or policy solutions, you can provide your feedback with comments directly here: https://airtable.com/shr4OimKCzuBQ2JqS

For more info on the Blue New Deal, visit our website:https://www.soalliance.org/blue-new-deal#abouttheglobalbluenewdeal