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Jessica Driver
Communications Manager at Grounded
Hi everyone! Check out Grounded's Permafrost Action Toolkit to learn more about permafrost and the steps you can take to be part of the solution, too.

Welcome to Pleistocene Park

One of the best articles I've ever read on the topic of permafrost is "Welcome to Pleistocene Park" - an excellent long-form piece about a father and son duo in Siberia who are using large grazing animals to prevent permafrost thaw. Truly fascinating read. ย 

The accompanying documentary, Mammoth, is also worth a watch.


In July, Grounded will launch both a new website and a Climate Academy - a digital content and event series focused on solutions and the people behind them. In the first event, a virtual summit, we'll hear from climate solutionists working to address permafrost thaw. Check out the trailer below.

Is your organization and/or community exploring solutions around permafrost? Have you come across any useful resources on this topic? Chime-in and let us know in the comments.