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Renewable Energy
Renewable Energy
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Sara McGuire
Marketing Coordinator
The Daily is one of the podcasts I listen to just about every day. Today's episode was about climate and its a worth a listen.

The Daily - Putting a Price on Pollution
I've been doing an internet deep dive into the topic of sustainable housing and I came across this carbon-neutral apartment building in Australia called Nightingale. I think its a great model of affordable housing that is architecturally beautiful and environmentally sustainable. What do you think?
This infographic from the Solutions Project, shows that 100% renewable energy by 2050 is not only possible but cost effective. Based on data from Stanford University, the Solutions Project created renewable energy infographics for countries and cities around the world.

Data visualizations are an effective tool to make complex scientific ideas accessible and shareable.

Have you used data visualization to make the case for renewable energy (or another climate solution)?